Great for Parents

  • Great help teaching the Bible to your children
  • No preparation needed
  • Course work is done online with automated feedback
  • Progress of your children is always available
  • Review is built in, cementing the learning

Great for Children

  • So much fun they forget they’re learning—as fun as a video game
  • Progress at their own pace
  • Phenomenal way for children (and adults) to learn the Bible
What Families are Saying
My daughter began the new self-paced Bible class, The Gospels, as soon as it became available, and she loves it! She will definitely be taking the other self-paced Bible classes when she finishes this one. The classes are fun to watch, and the games and maps and other interactive elements provide plenty of chances to practice using the information she learns so she'll be able to remember it later. In fact, I love the classes so much that I won't let her watch them without me! Wendy Hilton
It is a pleasure to be working with Veritas Press on the development of the self-paced Bible courses. My company, Sofos Media, is responsible for creating the flow of the courses, interactions and their connection to the Learning Management System. It is so vitally important for our children to grow up with the foundation that the Word of God provides, and these courses will help provide that material in a way that captivates and engages the student like few other programs can. My own kids have enjoyed Veritas Press's self-paced offerings and this will be an excellent way for them to build their knowledge of the Bible. Steve
We love the Veritas Press Bible courses. Since they are self-paced I let my 7 and 9 year old boys do lessons whenever they want. I have never asked them to do a lesson, but they are flying through the course because they think it is fun! I love that they really listen to the new information because they know they will be asked to repeat it in order to win the review games. Amy Wright
I wanted to share how very pleased we have been with the Self-Paced Bible program. Our children (8 and 10) have been exposed to various dates, scripture references, and a detailed timeline with the Gospel's program. The frequent reviews within the engaging lectures have helped in keeping the information fresh and present. I have and will continue to recommend the Veritas Press Self-Paced courses to new and established teachers/students. Thank you, Veritas Press, for presenting these programs in a professional, but Biblical manner. Lynda Campbel
Love it! All 6 of my kids! Very different learning style Kristen Lihos
We are using Genesis to Joshua along with OTAE. We all love the courses so much. The Bible gives them a really great foundation in such a fun and easy way to understand. I am always impressed with the way it brings up tough Old Testament topics to younger kids in such an understandable & age appropriate way. I am amazed at the retention my son has. They LOVE the Bible song and walk around singing it all day. We can't say enough positives about VP self paced and look forward to the next Bible courses being released!! Jenny Smith
Self paced Bible is so fun and informative! It is the favorite subject of both my children. It is such a blessing to our family. Kimberly Earl
The self paced history and bible programs are my daughter's favorite subject of the day - we love them! Heather Jones O’Steen
My company, Project Opus, is responsible for writing and producing the Veritas Press self-paced Bible course. My parents originally created the Bible curriculum so that my brothers and I could learn important biblical events chronologically. Now, I feel like I get to re-create a similar experience for my daughter, Ava, by bringing the courses to life through animation and live video. I feel blessed that God has chosen to use my talents to educate children about His Word and I hope that you’ll enjoy the self-paced Bible courses. Travis Detweiler
My son has been doing the self-paced Bible course for a few months now, and he is really loving it! It has increased his Bible knowledge a lot, and has reinforced some knowledge that he already had. It is a fun way of learning and retaining important Bible facts, and we definitely recommend to all! Thank you Veritas Press! It has been a real blessing for our family. Chantal Ahwan
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Veritas Bible Courses

image description Genesis to Joshua

Covering 32 events in the books of Genesis through Joshua, students will learn the Bible from Creation through Joshua’s Last Words. Clever interactions and striking video have children join Abigail and Asher, her brother, along with animated characters Teb, an aloof cat, and Tizzy, a pesky gnat. They will keep the student engaged the entire year.

image description The Gospels

Covering 32 events out of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, students will learn of Christ’s birth through His crucifixion. Informative dialog, interactions and games have children join Benjamin, a carpenter, and his young ever-inquisitive apprentice, Jude, along with Spyro, a dove with an erudite sensibility, and Uz, an overbearing, yet insecure termite. Laughing and learning, children will be engaged the whole year.

image description Judges to Kings

Covering 32 events from the books of Judges through Second Kings, students will learn about the early years of the people of Israel to the exile to Babylon. Through engaging video, games and interactions, children follow young Levi, whose harebrained inventions often don’t turn out the way he expects, along with his family and friends, like Vasko the frog and Pallu the lovable badger.

Every Course Includes

  • Music to memorize the chronology of events
  • Foundational context for future in-depth study
  • Memory tools for names, dates, and places
  • Exploration activities in art, music, and geography
  • Activities, projects, worksheets, and tests
  • 32 major Biblical events
Bible teaching through beautifully illustrated stories, lessons, and games.
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